Microservices Patterns in .Net

4 Days
.net mvcc#



In today's fast pace market, speed to market is critical for success to gain customer satisfaction. Microservices architecture has clear objective to enable scalability with agility to enhance speed to market. Since a decade, many patterns have beeen identified to make sure complexity of Microservices does not back fire. It is must for developers and architects to have detailed knowledge for these pattterns. This program covers all popular patterns in detail with their pros and cons. Program includes demos and hands-on.


Program is primarily for developers and architects planning to adopt Microservices Architecture.


Participants must have good knowledge of C#, Asp.Net MVC and IDE of choice.
Knowledge of Docker and Design Patterns & Principles is recommended.

  • Monolithic architecture
  • Microservice architecture
  • Decompose by business capability
  • Decompose by subdomain
  • Self-contained Service
  • Service per team
  • Database per Service
  • Shared database
  • Saga
  • API Composition
  • CQRS
  • Domain event
  • Event sourcing
  • Multiple service instances per host
  • Service instance per host
  • Service instance per VM
  • Service instance per Container
  • Serverless deployment
  • Service deployment platform
  • Remote Procedure Invocation
  • Messaging
  • Domain-specific protocol
  • Idempotent Consumer
Service discovery
  • Client-side discovery
  • Server-side discovery
  • Service registry
  • Self registration
  • 3rd party registration
  • Log aggregation
  • Application metrics
  • Audit logging
  • Distributed tracing
  • Exception tracking
  • Health check API
  • Log deployments and changes
Transactional messaging
  • Transactional outbox
  • Transaction log tailing
  • Polling publisher
  • Strangler Application
  • Anti-corruption layer
  • Service Component Test
  • Consumer-driven contract test
  • Consumer-side contract test
Cross cutting
  • Microservice chassis
  • Service Template
  • Externalized configuration
External API
  • API gateway
  • Backend for front-end
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Access Token
UI patterns
  • Server-side page fragment composition
  • Client-side UI composition

Tooling, Devops, CI/CD, Agile

Anything not mentioned in Topics

Software Requirements

Docker Desktop on WSL2 with ubuntu backend
Visual Studio Community Edition (Or any other .Net IDE)

Internet Requirements

Good unrestricted internet connection is required.

Hardware Requirements

Developer's laptop with 16GB+ RAM and 100GB+ free storage

Classroom Requirements

Projector with HDMI, White Board, Markers with Eraser

Online Requirements

Appropriate meeting software e.g. Zoom, MS Teams Please make sure that camera, speaker and mic are working

If you have any query, please contact now.